Fort Building Kit Construction Blocks Set Kids Toy Tents Fortress Builder Castles Tunnels Diy 3d Play House For Children Gift

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Luminous Children’s Bead Tent1、Building Castle Building Set: Including 51 sticks, 36 balls/64 sticks, and 36 balls. The magic-making set allows your children to build castles of various shapes and sizes!

2、Fun for Boys and Girls: Our kid’s ultimate fortress building toolset is designed for children 5 years and older. It can build caves, game tents, rockets, houses, princess castles, tunnels, teepees, toy tents, the pirate ship, just add a sheet to create a hideout.

3、Easy to Assemble and Durable: It is made of sturdy high-quality plastic, just insert and screw the rod into the ball, the builder can connect in a few seconds, easy to disassemble, and it will not deform. It comes with a storage bag, suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.

4、Stimulate Creativity and Imagination: The perfect innovative toy, suitable for children 2-3 years old and above. Children work hard to plan and solve problems, build different innovative structures, perfect educational toy gifts, suitable for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, Halloween, and New Year!

5、Luminous Version: The sticks and balls can emit bright light at night, which is more atmospheric, and there are more starry tents to choose from!

Product information:

Features: DIY luminous

Ability training:

Emotion, vision, intellectual development, crawling, manual brain, grasping, sensory, hand-eye coordination, other ability training, interactive toys, hearing, parent-child communication, interest cultivation


1: tent without cloth (87PCS), 2: tent with cloth (87PCS), 3: tent luminous without cloth (87PCS), 4: tent with luminous cloth (87PCS), 5: tent with luxury starry sky (87PCS) ), 6: tent luxury starry sky model (100PCS), 7: tent without cloth (100PCS), 8: tent with cloth (100PCS), 9: tent luminous type without cloth (100PCS), 10: tent luminous type with cloth (100PCS)

Style11:100 sticks+55 balls (boxed)

Style12:100 sticks+55 balls+tent (boxed)

Style 13:45 Stick+21 Ball (boxed)

Style 14:144 Stick+77 Ball (boxed)

Style15:150 Stick+75 Ball (boxed)


Building block tent x1

Additional information

Weight 0.70 kg
Dimensions 350 × 260 × 60 cm

100sticks 55balls, 100sticks 55balls tent, 21balls 45bats opp, Set, Style1, Style10, Style11, Style12, Style13, Style14, Style15, Style2, Style3, Style4, Style5, Style6, Style7, Style8, Style9, Tent fabric


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