Baby cotton portable diaper changing pad


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The urine-proof pad is a must-have item for babies to go out. It is easy to carry, and the foldable button can be fixed without loosening.

The first layer of pure cotton environmentally friendly non-fluorescent fabric, the entire piece of absorbent cotton in the middle, and the last layer of waterproof cloth. Other designs of our shop products can be customized

The size 35 * 60 can also be used on a trolley as well as a bed.


1. Environmental protection printing and dyeing

2. Waterproof and urine-proof

3. Breathable and skin-friendly

4. No fluorescent agent

Main material: Cotton encrypted twill fabric




Additional information

Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 30 cm

Big tree, Cross, Crown, Dots, Fantasy, Flamingo, Flower bone, Forest, Grey star, Jurassic, Letter, Little crown, Milk bottle, Potted plant, Seabed, Small plane, Small train, Star Trek, Star Walk, Water chestnut, Wave, White star


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